Brand New


We are excited to introduce 2 new styles to our product lineup, the DIVERGE REVERSIBLE JACKET and the PARLANCE LIGHTWEIGHT SHIRT JACKET.


Women, Minority, and Family Owned


Fossa Apparel is proud to be a certified women-owned and minority-owned family business. We seek out any opportunity we can to work with and support other businesses that share these important distinctions.

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Fossa is committed to being a responsible steward of this planet. We are continually looking for innovative solutions to reduce our environmental impact.


Where Streetwear Meets Sportswear—Meets You

The leader in innovative urban styles for all your branded apparel needs.

Don’t compromise. Style, price, quality, comfort, and service should all go your way. Fossa goes beyond your logo with customized and innovative designs that fit to a tee.

in You.

Customize an array of fresh designs however you like. 

Big Name Brands’
Cool Cousin.

Choose from comparable options to retail fashion brands.

Everything in
One Place.

Work with us on design, manufacturing, and decoration.

When Cookie-Cutter
Won’t Cut It.

Get unique boutique-quality products and services.

Hybrid Puffer Jacket

This award winning jacket is a real hybrid of style and material, with a water-resistant nylon shell body and polyester sleeves that hug the arms. Not your basic puffer jacket—this one truly shines.

Laser Engraving

Our laser engraving option uses state-of-the-art techniques to provide subtle yet stylish apparel branding that makes logos stand out without having to be loud.

Fossa Retail Inspiration Comparison

Ever wonder how Fossa Apparel stacks up against the big guys and gals? We did a side-by-side comparison of many of our most popular styles with some well-known retail brands.

Product Categories

The right jacket makes all the difference.

Layer on cool, crisp, and comfy.  

Perfect every day, everywhere. 

Warm, cozy, and oooh so cool. 

Take a break from boring. 

Little somethings that go a long way.

“Fossa has been a really great partner for us. They have a client’s dream: a high perceived apparel item at a lower cost. They also have wonderful customer service—the most important aspect a good partner can have.”
Josh Ebrahemi/ Vice President & Partner of Jack Nadel International

Our Partnerships

We treat all our partners like family.

Working with Fossa

We’ve got your back every step of the way. Let’s deliver something that exceeds even your most demanding clients’ wildest dreams. 

We are women-and minority-owned, sustainably-minded, and female-focused.  

Our designs are retail-inspired—but without the price tag.

We are family-operated with a reputation for incredible customer service.

We do it all: 
unique designs, quality manufacturing, and custom decoration.