Highlights of our sustainability efforts

  • Fossa has transitioned to the use of 100% recycled polybags.  On all shipments since Fall 2021, all polybags used are made with 100% recycled materials.
  • Each year, Fossa continues to grow our collection of Eco Friendly products, check out our 🌿♻️ Eco Lookbook ♻️🌿
  • 131.8 kW solar panel system installed on rooftop to convert more than 98% of our energy usage to renewable source. Completed December 2019.
  • Four Level 2 charging ports installed in parking lot to encourage and support the use of electric vehicles. Completed January 2020.
  • Office and warehouse building was entirely converted to energy efficient LED lighting in June 2016.
  • All building windows are tinted to reduce UV and reduce energy use for cooling.
  • It is company policy that all internal use and non-confidential paper are reused and printed on both sides before recycling.
  • Paper, cardboards, plastics recycling on site.

Reducing plastic waste and its importance

Fossa Apparel is stepping up its green initiative!  We are transitioning all of our garment polybags to bags made from recycled materials in an effort to drastically reduce plastics byproducts produced with our products.  Today, the world is producing 380 million tons of plastic every year while 40% of that is contributed by single use. We are now seeing the side effects this mass production has on our environment. It is estimated that 10 million tons of plastic is now seen in our oceans, polluting the nature that we have left. We cannot deny the conveniences of plastic and how globally we have relied on its usefulness. Apparel companies are not unknown to the necessity plastic carries in this industry. Poly bags, zipper pulls, and even fabric materials are just a few things that contain plastic. Environmental Scientist Catie Tobin states “In 2016, 65 million tons of plastic was produced for textile fibers, representing close to 20 percent of the total plastic production for that year.” In an attempt to lower the numbers, fashion companies have taken it upon themselves to make steps into going green. Fossa Apparel as a company has always tried to be more conscious about the environment, from installing solar panels and electric car charging stations, to reusing excess materials and polybags for orders, our attempts were made with good intent. In 2019 Fossa first took a step into eco-friendly production, creating the Mirage shirt, which is made up of 25% recycled polyester. Although we know it is a stride in the right direction, we want to go even further in reducing waste and our carbon footprint.  Fossa has made the decision to change all new polybags to ones made with recycled materials going forward starting with 2022 products. We hope this change as well as our other attempts at being environmentally friendly will make a stronger direct impact to waste reduction.  Fossa is committed to being a responsible tenant on this planet, and will continue to look for innovative solutions to help our environment.