Make a Statement Your Way with Our Custom Design Services

From expert logo decoration and creative placement, to design modifications and enhancements on existing style, or complete one of a kind constructions with unique detailing such as injection molded zipper pulls, hangtags and custom labels, our in-house design team allows you to bring your apparel vision to life.

Wondering if your project can be an overseas customs job?  If it meets the following requirements, most likely the answer is YES!

Overseas requirements:

  • 800 pcs minimum
  • 90 day lead time
Reach out to us for a quote or more information.

Why trust Fossa with your custom project?

Experience & Expertise

Fossa personnel has over 30 years of experience in designing and fabricating apparel for both retail and promo markets.  We know apparel inside and out and can help you avoid costly pitfalls during the process.

Vertical Supply Chain Alignment

Fossa has direct partnership with family owned manufacturing facility, which means our assembly lines are more motivated, more agile and adaptable to create custom specs than other contract factories.

Unique Details

Fossa has access to vast array of accessories, trims, and decoration methods to make your custom design truly stand out.  From PVC patches, high quality transfer, laser engraving, to multi color zippers, PMS matching zipper pulls, or custom molded zipper pulls, Fossa can dial up or down the customization to fit your design goals and budget. 

Fossa Apparel is known for finding
unexpected ways to make brands stand out.

See select case studies below to get a glimpse of what we can do.


A top account executive at Halo collaborated with Fossa Apparel to create a one-of-a-kind windbreaker to embrace the unique personality and culture of WAWA, one of the largest convenience store and gas station chains on the East Coast of United States.  The goal was to create a simple yet sophisticated design that not only matches Wawa’s brand image, but its employees would be proud to wear.

The 8500 / 8502 Mist Windbreaker was selected as the foundation for the custom Wawa Windbreaker due to its quality of materials, lightweight and packable convenience, and stowaway hoodie for added versatility.  Fossa customized the fabric color to a clean and crisp light grey tone that contrasts beautifully with the main zipper in the same rich and vibrant red color found on Wawa’s corporate logo.  The distinctive Canada Goose on Wawa’s logo, affectionately named Wawa Wally, was modeled after to create the custom rubber zipper pull.  Applied via heat transfer, Wawa Wally makes another appearance on the back yoke of the jacket in Wawa Red, mirroring the front zipper pull.  The windbreaker is finished off with Wawa’s official full logo adorning the left bicep in white to complete the subtle and elegant, but all-around visible branding.

Zipper Pull

Custom molded rubber zipper pull with client logo.

Back Yoke

Client logo heat transferred on back yoke.


Logo variant branding on bicep.


When computer networking giant Cisco acquired Meraki, a Cloud based Enterprise Mobility Management company based in San Francisco, they wanted to gift the new members a branded apparel to celebrate the merger of the two teams.  It’s no secret that talent is the most prized asset of high tech companies, so the gift jacket to their people had to be premium quality, unique, and highly functional.

Fossa Apparel was tapped by a top distributor to build a complete custom jacket from the ground up that embodies the spirit of the two companies in the most exciting and innovative way possible.  Per client request, Fossa replicated a high-end name brand bomber jacket and customized it to make it Cisco/Meraki’s own bomber, all while costing the customer a fraction of what the retail brand would have costed. 

The insulated bomber jacket was constructed with a rich, steel grey color face fabric.  Black PVC transfers of Cisco and Meraki logos next to each other adorn the right bicep for a premium, tactile decoration feel.  The main zipper pull was a custom, capsule shaped rubberized design in Meraki green, with Cisco logo on one side and Meraki on the other. 

The interior of the jacket was lined with a custom fabric in Meraki’s green colorway.  The liner was also artfully sublimated with silhouettes of various Meraki products, in slightly darker green to make them just visible but quite subtle as a fun Easter Egg for the wearer.  Lastly, the sewn-on flat custom neck label shows the word Meraki, and its pronunciation and definition just underneath, which reads “something done with soul, creativity, or love”. And this custom bomber, like Cisco / Meraki products, was exactly that.


Zipper Pull

Custom molded rubber zipper pull with logos on each side.

Interior Liner

Custom sublimated interior liner.


Organization co-branding via raised PVC heat transfer.

Neck Label

Custom woven neck label.

For quotes and pricing on our custom services, please get in touch with us.

Fossa Apparel works with industry distributors to outfit teams and events worldwide.  If you are NOT a distributor, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to refer a marketing or promotional products company to help you source our products and services.